There can be risks in every food we prepare or eat. We need to be aware of the categories of Food Hazards to ensure that our food is free from harm. The following are the different types of common food hazards and where they come from:


These are caused by the improper handling of food.

Glass shards, packaging materials, jewelry, fingernails, and other material substances are categorized as a physical hazard.


These common hazards are caused by the improper storage of food and chemicals and/or improper cleaning and sanitizing of food and the kitchen. It can also start from the primary source such as the farm.

Examples of chemical hazards are insecticides, pesticides, cleaning chemicals, and dissolved metals from containers.


These are caused by food contamination. Improper cooking of food and lack of observance of good hygiene can result in biological hazards.

Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and molds are some examples of biological hazards.

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