Food Safety

 & Hygiene

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Food Safety & Hygiene for Asia & Pacific

CPD e-Learning Courses

Basic Food Safety for Food Handlers course

This Basic Food Safety eLearning course from FSHAP is designed to provide you with the solid foundation and practical skills needed for safe food handling in catering and food service operations. In this interactive online training, you will learn how to control the risk of hazards that can cause foodborne illnesses, as well as the essential hygiene requirements and food safety practices recommended throughout the Flow of Food from purchasing to serving.

HACCP Principles & Practice course

HACCP is regarded by WHO as the best approach to prevent hazards from food that may cause foodborne illnesses or injury to consumers. Learn to be PRO-ACTIVE by identifying food hazards and how to control them at each step of the flow of food from receiving to serving. Discover the 7 Principles of HACCP and practice how to create a HACCP Plan with your team after completing this course guided by our industry HACCP practitioner/trainers. 

Food Safety Culture & Management course

After learning the basics of food safety and how to apply HACCP, how get ready to lead your team to a Culture of Food Safety! Learn and practice developing your own Food Safety Management System, conduct Risk-based Inspection, Audit and Incident investigation, understand Halal Management etc. Share your experience and learn from participants’ industry approaches to overcome your challenges on food safety implementation.

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